Friday, February 26, 2016

Life Lesson - Try Not Living With A Criminal

Hello friends,

I've realized that in these past few posts, I like to revisit my past even though it was only... a year or two away. This post is about college and my roommate and the time she got arrested. Haha, no I'm lying but the way she was moving, I'm surprised no one has caught her yet.

When I moved into my dorm no one else moved in with me. I thought that my roommate would've been a freshman like me,

Friday, February 5, 2016

Life Lesson: Don't Move To A Shooter Block

Hello Friends,

I thought that I'd take this post back to my shortly lived past and reminisce about the wonders of 149th street in the Bronx.

A little history about me, I'm from a small town called Groton, Connecticut. Some people know of Groton as a major contractor and home of Electronic Boat Corporation, if I remember correctly. People in my area, literally knew everyone, you couldn't even go to the grocery store without seeing your cousin -- not me but some of my friends. Everyone use to try to be from New York, "What part you from?" They use to just say the Bronx, or