Friday, November 27, 2015

Life Lesson: Happy Thanksgiving, Don't Party Too Hard Baby!


Hello World!

Happy late Thanksgiving! Did you have a lot of fun with family and friends, eat a lot of food, play games or eat a lot of food?! I know I did, I had a Haitian and Jamaican Thanksgiving. The food was amazing and the games were ten times the fun because their were more people to play with -- I won four times last night which made my night awesome. Last year, my boyfriend and I were with my family and this year we went with his.

The first house

Friday, November 20, 2015

Life Lesson: Natural Hair Problems and Soultions

Dear Friends,

Lately, I've been having the strongest urge to just go on a whim and cut all of my damn hair off. While crying to my boyfriend, who doesn't know anything about hair, tried to help me as much as he could. Not being able to do much, I just cried to myself in the shower

Friday, November 13, 2015

Adult Life Lesson: Vaginal Care -- WARNING

Dear Women,

***This article is for health purposes only, any sexual reference comment is not allowed or tolerated and will be blocked.***

As a woman, I think it's important that we discuss about our vagina's. Now I know, why would we need to talk about our vagina's but some people may have questions but are afraid to ask them, or may just not know about how to keep your vagina healthy and clean.

As us women mature, our bodies change from the time we're babies until the time we die. We have hormones,