Friday, November 20, 2015

Life Lesson: Natural Hair Problems and Soultions

Dear Friends,

Lately, I've been having the strongest urge to just go on a whim and cut all of my damn hair off. While crying to my boyfriend, who doesn't know anything about hair, tried to help me as much as he could. Not being able to do much, I just cried to myself in the shower
like some movie scene. Oddly enough, I wouldn't change my hair for nothing and here's why.

Ever since I was younger, I've always had hair issues -- most females can agree. Hair is what makes us feel more feminine, or it makes me feel feminine and being a black female, hair is everything. I cut off my relaxed hair, a year and some months ago and when I first did, I cried like a baby! It was short like an afro, was not even remotely curly and was hard to comb through. When I first started out I wore a hat, for 6 months straight, I remember my boyfriend asking me to take my hat off but I was too ashamed. And not ashamed of my hair, but because I cut all my hair off and I was scared he wouldn't like it.

He suggested that I give his hair dresser friend a call and arrange a day for her to do my hair. When I made the appointment, at her house with a bottle of wine in my hands she started on my hair. Looking at her, she was Spanish with straight blue hair that was cut into a short hair style. I'm not the one to judge so I started asking her about her clientele, "So what kind of clients do you normally have?" I started off. "Well, I work in the city at a very high end hair salon. But I started off doing my friends hair, some with hair just like yours." She said as she twisted my hair. I felt relieved a little but a part of me was still tense. Half way through my hair, I hated it, but still sensitive to her feelings I played it off -- I know how it goes when it comes to hair dressers. When she finished, I looked in the mirror and tried my hardest not to have a face of disapproval, but it was hard!
I was just so unhappy with my hair, not because of the texture but because I couldn't find a style that would make me feel comfortable enough to walk out my door. Then one day, I was off of work -- this was when I use to be a dog walker, the best part was I could wear a hat to work-- I played with my hair until I found a style that I liked. When I found it, I rocked it and looked hot as nobody's business! I guess I just need to take a breather once in a while, I'm the type of person that does something the day before and then gets mad when it doesn't turn out right. 

I do forget how to love my hair sometimes, and appreciate it, but hey, I'm trying to do better. How do you feel about your hair? How do you fall back in love with it? Until next time ❤️

With Love & Sweetness,

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