Friday, October 2, 2015

New York Life Lesson: Money

What's up peeps,

I really hate money sometimes. I personally think that money is the root of all evil, people die over it, people crave it, if you don't have enough then people will rob you of it.
Living in New York, I feel like things are overly expensive for no reason. Before I got my apartment, we, my boyfriend and I, were looking at studios because we were scared that we couldn't afford
a one bed room. When we went to the real estate agent and she was telling us that $900 and $800 studios are nonexistent. It just made more sense we spend a little extra money and get a one bed room -- and the reason why apartments are so expensive now is because the governor just passed a law where landlords can't raise the rent every year. Which made a lot of companies mad, so instead of every year, it's every two years and you can't raise it by that much.

Studios out in New York, whether you were in Manhattan, Bronx (where I live), Brooklyn, Queens,  there are no more $900 apartments. New York is not what it use to be where you could come here with a dollar and a dream and think your actually going to get somewhere with it. Major changes are happening in New York, I've been told Brooklyn is starting to turn into the new Manhatten. The reason being is they want Manhattan to be strictly business, I've heard things like people getting paid just to leave there home just to move to Brooklyn.

If that's not an issue, the MTA has some unknown reason why they keep increasing the price in there fair. I've really considered buying a bike and just riding to school and work because it would save me a boat load! The other day I went to my school to get help with my financial aid, they told me that the only way I can get help is if I had a baby, was married or over the age of 24. Your telling me, if I pop out a kid that's the only way you guys can help me? That's extremely sad to me. I'm most likely going to be paying for school out of pocket, which is going to be interesting while paying rent, food, and other expenses.
Anyone who's thinking of moving to New York, don't. My experiences have been nothing but struggle ever since I got here. Granted, in the two short years I've been here, I've done a lot for myself with the help of my mother and boyfriend but if your not mentally strong and/or have a great support system it's really hard to survive out here. And when I do say survive, I really do mean it, New York has a way of putting you in some situations that you wouldn't experience anywhere else. I needed to get this post out because I want people to know the truth about New York. It's a beautiful place filled with life lessons, which I'm very grateful for moving to New York for, but the struggles is real!

Thank you for letting me vent, share this post and tell your friends and family about it. This is a new Lana B. who does hold back on what she has to say anymore. Until next time ❤️

With Love & Sweetness,

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