Friday, October 9, 2015

New York Life Lesson: My Horrible "Emergency" Visit

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Dear Friends,

Never, ever, ever, EVER, go to Jacobi Medical Hospital in Pelham Parkway. I swear if I could, I would John Q the hell out of that emergency room. Wait, hold on let me rewind a little and tell you what happened.

It was a bright and sunny Monday morning when my boyfriend woke me up with breakfast in bed. I got ready for work,
did my hair oh so cute and my make up -- which I barely wear anything, I just do my eyebrows and mascara, but it was very cute though. Before I left I did my check list to make sure everything needed to get done was done, and I took my medicine before heading out to work. While in the car, I was having a hard time breathing. Imagine having a stuffy nose but with your mouth. I immediately told my boyfriend to bring me to the emergency room and that's when we found Jacobi Medical Center.

I went in there, told them that I was having a hard time breathing and was having pressure on my chest. They told me to fill out some forms and to have a seat, so I did and I brought it back to them and they said wait for your name to be call. Two hours past and my name still wasn't called, while trying to stay calm in this scary situation I went up to the desk and spoke to some woman with glasses and short white hair. She looked at me in my face and said, "Honey, I called your name three times." I automatically flipped on this bitch, I said, "Excuse me?! I was sitting right next to the front desk and you have the nerve to say you called me?" She then proceeded to ask where I sat and I pointed to it and she said, "Oh, well when the guy that's being seen now comes out, you can come in".

I sat right in my same spot and gave this lady a death stare. I sat there, just staring at this women, just so she would give me a reason to put my hands on her. I think she knew too because within five
minutes she called my name. As soon as I got to the RN, the first thing he said was, "Oh, I called you but you didn't respond," pretending I didn't hear what he just said I told him my symptoms, he checked my breathing and told me that I sounded very congested in my throat. This made me relax a little because I least I knew I wasn't making it up, he then told me to have a seat in the lobby and wait for my name to be called. Next, I went to registration and told them my information and they then told me to wait for my name to be called into the back. I had came in at 12:58, at this point, it was 5:00.

Three, hours, later, it's now 8:30 and the man in the front told me there's still three people in front of me. I called my mom and told her the situation and poor thing was even madder than I was! Eventually, at 8:50, they called my name and even then it was just to put me into another waiting room but this time filled with sick people. Next thing I know, a lady in blue said she was a doctor asking me all these questions and I'm telling her my business in front of other people! I wanted to talk more but she just brushed me off and went to the next person. While asking the nurses what's going
on and them giving me attitude I had a enough. I was tired, hungry, and just wanted to go home. At 9:30 I saw the doctor again and she told me that the visit was already expensive and that I better leave now or I'd get charged an overnight fee. Not even letting her finish, I cut her off and said some pretty nasty things to her, once I was done she was trying to make me leave without signing a discharge paper, that states the time and day I left. Boy, if I would've never signed that paper she could charged me all the way until next month if she wanted to.

The life lesson about this is, if you have an emergency go to Manhattan. The Bronx is a very cool place, filled with a lot of great things, but emergency rooms is not one of them. Just to be on the safe side, just go to Manhattan. There quick, clean, and nice. Until next time ❤️

With Love & Sweetness,

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