Friday, March 11, 2016

Life Lesson - How to Budget and Buy Good Food

Hello Friends,

I've been in a little funk these past few days because my job told me that I was too expensive. Ever since I was a little girl I always liked the finer things in life but I never thought that my job would ever tell me that. So rather than have me full time, which I started out as, I am now part time because I'm allergic to my job -- literally, I'm allergic to dogs, cats, small animals, grass, and dust. Working in a corporate animal retail store, such as Pet Smart, I took on the roll of dog trainer but I was just covering for someone because she was having a baby, ever since her return, I've just been put in random spots. I'm like an unwanted step child or something, when I finally found a spot, they said there is no such thing as full time for this position so they cut my hours.

I'm going to be starting school in February, and although the timing is good because I'll have more time for school and possibly homework, I have bills that I need to pay. My boyfriend and I live pay check to pay check anyways, as hard as it is trying to afford our $1,300 apartment where or landlord makes it seem like we don't pay her, it's to much on a person. Foot note; for the past two months she's been accusing us of not paying her rent, mind you, we gave her a money order and there's nothing we can do. Even though this women is older, i really do feel like I could fight her sometimes, some may be a posed, but if you heard the way she talks to us, you'd agree. I decided that I needed to put myself on a budget and a really good budget at that too.

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Managing money, is probably one of the easiest but yet hard things to do now a days -- especially when it comes to trying to eat healthy. So here's a list that I just put together, on how to save money and have enough food to last you.

1. Think of Recipes
See, this first step is hard for me. I'm very simple minded, I can literally eat the same three things every day and be happy. But money wise, this is not a smart thing to do, rather then going out to eat and spending $17.25 on fast or junk food -- which I did -- use that money to go food shopping.

2. Get coupons
Coupons are a curse and a blessing, curse because they really don't make sense and here's why. When you see certain coupons it makes you want to get it even though you really don't need it. Things like air fresheners, which only consists of taking off $.50 really doesn't make a difference. Half the time working retail I've noticed that some coupons just take a few dollars but sales tax just bring it back to its original price. Example, if I have a $5 coupon and the bag of food I'm buying is $45.99 that brings it down to $40.99. Sales tax brings it back up to $43 though, so in real life it really only took off $2. So when picking out coupons, be careful clipping and make sure you only use what you need.

3. Get a calculator
My boyfriend and I are always calculating when grocery shopping. Sometimes we go over price though, so when we go to the register, and find out the actual price is low we're like, "Oh that's not bad!" Always make sure to calculate what your going to buy and don't go over your means.

4. Make sure to have money
This step is stupid, but surprisingly I have done this. Make sure you have enough money to cover everything, I cannot stress to you how annoying it is, switching rolls  and being behind the register and arguing with the cashier about the price of the item. I understand, times are hard, but make sure that you know how much the item costs before you bring it up to the register. There's nothing more annoying than having to stop the line to get a price check.

5. Get Main Items
Get things that you know for sure you'll eat and that'll be good as a last resort. For an example, my boyfriend and I fall back on sandwiches and cereal. We know that if there's nothing in the house or we don't feel like cooking, sandwiches and cereal is our thing. Cereal is more of a back up if after your still hungry, but we mainly eat sandwiches. Find out one thing that's not that expensive, and you don't mind eating all the time.

Those are my main things to look out for when grocery shopping. Other than that, I have no more tips, hopefully this post was helping and if you have any more tips please comment down below. Until next time ❤️

With Love & Sweetness,

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