Friday, May 6, 2016

Life Lesson: Apartment Hunting

sira anamwong
Hello friends,

These past few days have been so stressful, like I told you in my other post, My Landlord Has Dementia, we've finally saved up enough money to move. The only thing is, in the last 6 months we spent at this place, the cost in apartments went up. What use to be $1,200 for a one bedroom, now is $1,450. Even studios went up in price, it's stressful! Who has that kind of money, I wish that I was at a point in my life where money didn't really
matter and I could afford  $1,400, get my mom a nice car, and take my boyfriend and mother on a vacation, but I'm young and my experience in the work field can take me but so far.

It makes things even more difficult the fact that I'm in school. I can't even switch schools yet because I haven't even formed enough credits, so it's either drop out or commute like crazy. One option we're thinking is Jersey but if we move there, I want to fully move. Apartments go for at least $930, which would be amazing but I want school and work in the same location. I'm a local type of girl, so that means I'm not really willing to travel too far for anything. If there's something I want and it's in Brooklyn, I just won't go, plain and simple, especially when your taking the bus and train. Although, I am getting my licenses pretty soon, I might change my mind set and explore a little more but at the same time, we only have one car, so we have to figure a schedule so we can both take the car and go about our business. I swear, I curse my landlord for messing up a  good living situation for us. In the past two years I've moved about four times, four times?! I can't believe that.

You would think we had money but with the help of my loving mother and being very disciplined with my spending habits, we were able to move again. As a young person, I feel very accomplished.

I just hope that when we move, I can decorate our place and make it homie and comfortable and nice. It's just sucks because I know the only thing we'll be able to afford is a studio and even those aren't cheap. These past few weeks, we have seen a good amount of apartments and I saw a really nice one bedroom, it was more like a two bedroom because the living room was like its own room, it was so big with high ceilings and I fell in love with it. The kitchen was very small and it looked more like a kids kitchen -- you know the one they sell where it stands a lone and they have the little stove and fake cabinets, something like that. I was ready to say, "Yes", to the apartment until the management company told us it was $1,450. I liked the apartment, but not for that price.  After looking at countless one bedrooms and meeting up with a handful of realtors, we started to get sad, how can a one bedroom be luxury? With talking to some coworkers and people in the building's we visited, we discussed how difficult it was finding a good size/price apartment. People expressed to me that families that have two or three kids are mostly taking one bedroom apartments because they can't afford two or three bedrooms. That means, people like me who just want a set up a nice living room and have guess over -- even though no one will probably ever get the chance to come to my house lol -- we have to opt for studios. 

It's unfair, we deserve a one bedroom, with all the drama we went through from our first two apartments, we haven't even had a chance to call any place home yet. Just when we were losing hope, we went to the management company and applied to for a studio my boyfriend and I liked, we were hanging out with his brother and his wife when we got the news that we were approved. Even though the space is smaller and it's not exactly what I want, I've been looking at ideas on Pinterest; how to set it up and make it look like it has space, I'm pretty sure I'll fall in love with it. I know Pinterest has some great ideas, I'm just praying that everything works out. Like always, I'll keep you posted, until next time ❤

With Love & Sweetness,

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